Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Teen Walks In A Rocking Chair Pros And Cons Of Experiments With Simulators

As for the equipment, it is also necessary to pay attention to. Many people have to deal with facilities in slippers. This is a nightmare! For example, squatting in his slippers to the pole, you're likely to slip out of sneaker and be  visual impact muscle building pinned this very post.However, buying shtangetki - special shoes for powerlifting - also makes no sense. Form for sports should initially be a sweat suit with long pants and long sleeves. Thanks to all the long body is easier to heat during warm-ups and keep warm during the entire workout.
What load exclude?

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It is advisable to exclude from the training processes are loads that operate along the spine - such as squats with heavy weights. Greater weight - the weight of the person and more (if the adolescent weighs 60 kg, 60 kg and more - is bust)another exercise that should be deleted - bench barbell overhead. Broad shoulders and can be pumped through other exercises, for example, by breeding dumbbell.

Eliminate dead lifts with heavy weight. Many young people will object - say, nonsense! There are guys who are 16-18 years old doing dead lift 250 pounds and squat. But we must understand that everyone has different data and different genetics. I think it's better at a young age neurasthenia an inch biceps than undermine heart torn tendon or earn vertebra.
Ideal training